Sri Lanka Status Update (2)

Message from Chairman Jetwing Hotels and Jetwing Travels

Dear Partners and Friends,

I recall answering to a question by Antje Blinda for an interview for “Spiegel online”, on 23rd April 2019. The question was - "How important are the German tourists for Sri Lanka?”

I replied - "Germany has always supported us, even during the civil war. The German Tour operators have never taken Sri Lanka out of the program, even during the worst of times. We owe them a lot and know that they will not let us down, even now. German tourists have always been very supportive of Sri Lanka and we feel very connected to them”.

True to word, they did not disappoint us yet again. The German and the Swiss Governments have been among the first to “relax” or “soften” their Travel Advisories, which enables their citizens to travel to Sri Lanka. This enables our loyal and supportive German Tour Operator partners to offer Sri Lanka to their clients, inclusive of travel insurance.

We are extremely thankful to the respective Ambassadors of these countries for objectively analyzing the security situation and for enabling their citizens to continue their visits to our little Island.

As I said, the Germans have always been a big strength, the German Tour Operators have always kept Sri Lanka alive when other Countries took more time to evaluate the ground situation. I can go on, but suffice to say over 2 million people (approx. 10% of our population) who are dependent on Tourism are very appreciative.

This does not mean that the other Countries and our other Tour Operator Partners from around the world have abandoned us. We know they too realize the pain that has been caused to our industry and our economy, we are confident that they will make their decisions as per their Country requirements and very soon, Sri Lanka will be able to Welcome Visitors from all over with the blessings of their respective Governments.

You have reassured us time and again with your support - Thank You.

I am attaching a short video clip by a Travel Blogger, which says everything I would have wanted to say about the current situation for travel to Sri Lanka. My earnest hope is that it will inspire many to visit us and help us revive Tourism and our Economy

Chairman & Managing Director - Jetwing Travels (Pvt) Ltd Chairman - Jetwing Hotels Ltd